Wednesday, April 19, 2017

RE-UP: David Bowie "TV Appearances 1995 - 1999" - 2DVD

TV Appearances 1995-1999

Various TV appearances, mostly from the Outside era
2 disc set

Disc 1

.Bastille, Paris, MTV broadcast, 11/12/1995: Look back in anger / The voyeur of utter destruction (As beauty) / Under pressure / The man who sold the world /
 Hallo spaceboy / Strangers when we meet (30 min)
.NEC,Birmingham,13/12/1995,broadcasted on Twix Mix UK programme: Hallo spaceboy / The man who sold the world / Under pressure (12 min)
.The White Room, Channel 4 program, UK, 14/12/1995: Under pressure / The voyeur of utter destruction (As beauty) / Hallo spaceboy /
 Boys keep swinging (18 min)
.Later With Jools Holland, BBC 2 program, UK, 2/12/1995: Intro (Mike Garson & Jools jam / Hallo spaceboy / Interview + clip from ?Cracked actor? /
 The man who sold the world / Strangers when we meet (24 min)
.Top Of The Pops, BBC 1 program, UK, 10/11/1995: Bowie introduces the show / Strangers when we meet (live on the vocal)(5 min)
.European Music Awards, MTV show filmed at Le Z?nith, Paris, 23/11/1995: The man who sold the world (5 min)
.Sample, audience recording, NEC,Birmingham, 13/12/1995

Disc 2

.Jack Docherty Show,Channel 5 program, UK, 18/4/1997: Dead man walking (Acoustic) / Interview / Scary monsters (And super creeps)(23 min)
.Top Of The Pops, BBC 1 program, UK, 25/4/1997: Dead man walking (playback) (4 min)
.VH-1 Fashion Awards, 24/10/1996: Fashion / Little wonder(9 min)
.The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, NBC program, US, 11/2/1997: Interview / Little wonder / Interview (8 min)
.Wetten dass??, ZDF programme, Germany, 22/2/1997: Interview / A stupid bet featuring Bowie (7 min)
.Nulle Part Ailleurs, Canal + TV program, France, 17/2/1997 : Little wonder / Telling lies (11 min)
.Brit Awards, ITV broadcast, UK, 17/2/1999: Bowie footage / 20th century boy (with Placebo) (6 min)
.Outside Press Kit, 9/11/1995. Directed by Jim Gable. (24 min)
.The O-Zone, BBC 2 program, UK,3 0/10/1995
Includes: Interview, clips from Top Of The Pops 14/4/1972 (Starman), clips from Top Of The Pops (?) - 1991 (TM: You belong in Rock ?N? Roll),
excerpts from promo videos (The hearts filthy lesson / Let?s dance / China girl / Modern love / Ashes to ashes / Jump they say / Black tie white noise /
Buddha of suburbia / Miracle goodnight), footage from Bowie?s art exhibition at The Gallery in London,
popstars about Bowie (Chrissie Hynde, Mick Hucknell, Noel Gallagher, Cher, PJ Harvey, Suggs, Jazzie B, Pet Shop Boys,
Damon Albarn, Red Hot Chili Peppers).(15 min)

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