Friday, September 23, 2016

NEW: Tin Machine live in Boston 1991 - 2CD - November 20 - soundboard

Tin Machine

David Bowie:  vocals, guitar, saxophone
Reeves Gabrels: guitar, vocals
Hunt Sales: drums, vocals
Tony Sales: bass, vocals
Eric Schemmerhorn: guitar

Orpheum Theater
Boston, Mass.
Nov. 20, 1991
(opening act was the Neighborhoods, they were not broadcasted.)

Soundboard recording

runtime: 95:07
1: stage introduction > bus stop  2:47
2: a big hurt  3:03
3: goodbye Mr. Ed  4:18
4: I can't read  6:35
5: stateside  8:47
6: under the god  4:15
7: Betty Wrong  10:33
8: sacrifice yourself  2:28
9: I've been waiting for you  3:27
10: you belong in rock 'n roll  5:44
11: baby universal  3:14
12: if there is something  3:37
13: heaven's in here  12:10
14: first encore break  :39
15: sorry  5:20
16: you can't talk  4:32
17: second encore break 2:26
18: one shot  4:36
19: crack city  5:16
20:  announcer closing credits  1:09

this post includes the entire show of Tin Machine in Boston.
the reel's only been played maybe 3 times through and held
up well. in the words of Carter Alan, the host DJ for this
regional broadcast, David Bowie and the band looked and sounded
like they were doing what they wanted to be doing, not trying to
make a hit record. that's when David Bowie is his best, when he's
not trying to fit a style or a label. the band sounds very tight
and rockin' and David sounds like he's really glad to be in Boston.
this was one of the best shows Boston saw/heard in 1991 and the crowd
reaction was very enthusiastic (so was the performance).

Download this bootleg here

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