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NEW: David Bowie live in Vancouver 1997 - 2CD - September 6

David Bowie

Edgewater Stage
Plaza of Nations
Vancouver, British Columbia
September 06, 1997

the band:
David Bowie - vocals + 12 string guitar + saxophone
Reeves Gabrels - guitar
Mike Garson - piano + keyboards + samples
Gail Ann Dorsey - bass + synthesizer + vocals
Zachary Alford - drums + percussion + samples

Show #47

The 1st show of the North American leg of the Earthling Tour.

No support act, just a DJ: in Vancouver it was DJ Luke.
The Edgewater Stage at the Plaza of Nations was an outdoor sheltered venue on the north side of False Creek.
General Admission tickets only.

set list:

The Man Who Sold The World
Queen Bitch
Waiting For The Man
The Jean Genie
I'm Afraid Of Americans
Battle For Britain (The Letter)
Seven Years In Tibet
Looking For Satellites
Under Pressure
The Hearts Filthy Lesson
Hallo Spaceboy
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
Little Wonder


Panic In Detroit
Dead Man Walking
White Light White Heat
O Superman
V-2 Schneider
Look Back In Anger
All The Young Dudes

Surprisingly clear, given the source & the venue.

This was out for trade in about 2003.
The girl that taped it on an auto-reverse cassette recorder said she bought a new 100min metal tape for the job.

There is quite a bit of tape garble near the beginning, and some level adjustments during Quicksand lose a bit of the 2nd verse. Most of the garbled part clears up after Queen Bitch, and on the flip side, there is some garble during Look Back In Anger.

You can hear the tapers preparing for the tape flip during Fame, and they successfully push the auto-reverse between Fame & Satellites, losing virtually nothing. They don't record the applause, and shut off right after Little Wonder. There are a few other small dropouts, and spot in the beginning of V2 Schneider where the tape gets paused for a moment. Tape runs out in Dudes, but the entire show is essentially here. Great Job!

Unfortuantely, this came from a set of Flacs prepared for JBT called "The Man Who Sold The Eye" and and those had some really bad gaps near the beginning of every track and needed a lot of repair, as removing the silences still left it a bit bumpy. Repairs and retracking were done in Sound Studio. It sounds like a decent master transfer, but better lineage might reveal a slightly-improved version.

A really great performance, with some unusual fills from the band.
No one is bored here.

Vancouver 97 Total Time                                  120:25

Disc One                                                  55:47

db_1997-09-06_01 Quicksand (some tape garble)             04:22
db_1997-09-06_02 The Man Who Sold The World               03:35
db_1997-09-06_03 Queen Bitch (more tape garble)           03:30
db_1997-09-06_04 Waiting For The Man                      04:40
db_1997-09-06_05 The Jean Genie                           07:23
db_1997-09-06_06 I'm Afraid Of Americans                  05:13
db_1997-09-06_07 Battle For Britain (The Letter)          04:33
db_1997-09-06_08 Fashion                                  03:39
db_1997-09-06_09 band intro                               01:12
db_1997-09-06_10 Seven Years In Tibet                     05:39
db_1997-09-06_11 Fame                                     04:20
db_1997-09-06_12 Stay                                     07:24

Disc Two                                                  64:55

db_1997-09-06_13 Looking For Satellites                   05:24
db_1997-09-06_14 Under Pressure                           04:02
db_1997-09-06_15 The Hearts Filthy Lesson                 05:04
db_1997-09-06_16 Hallo Spaceboy                           05:07
db_1997-09-06_17 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)        05:23
db_1997-09-06_18 Little Wonder                            05:51
db_1997-09-06_19 band intro                               01:06
db_1997-09-06_20 Panic In Detroit                         04:16
db_1997-09-06_21 Dead Man Walking                         04:12
db_1997-09-06_22 White Light White Heat                   03:55
db_1997-09-06_23 O Superman                               09:05
db_1997-09-06_24 V-2 Schneider (small cut)                05:46
db_1997-09-06_25 Look Back In Anger (more tape garble)    04:27
db_1997-09-06_26 All The Young Dudes (cuts off)           01:07

Download this bootleg here

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