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NEW: David Bowie live in Philadelphia 1997 - 2CD - October 4

David Bowie
Saturday, October 4, 1997
The Electric Factory
Philadelphia, PA

David Bowie - vocals + guitar + saxophone
Reeves Gabrels - guitar
Zachary Alford - drums
Gail Ann Dorsey - bass + bass synthesizer + vocals
Mike Garson - piano + keyboards

notes from the taper:

Philly 97   (2CDR)
The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA

Good sound. Security was real tight. Had my Sonic Studios mics under my shirt collar.  I was about 15ft in front of the speakers. Nonetheless, the sound came out sounding a bit muffled.  I did some EQ work on it to brighten it up so it turned out average for my taste.  This was a unique Earthling show, so that's why I made it.  There is some excess audience noise (screaming girls) for the 1st few songs, but then it settled down.  All in all,  it's not a bad CD. I have heard 'official factory CD' product that are worse.

Total Time 143:04

Disc One 72:27

db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_01 Queen Bitch  04:06
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_02 Waiting For The Man  04:28
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_03 The Jean Genie  06:35
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_04 The Last Thing You Should Do  05:28
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_05 I'm Afraid Of Americans  05:14
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_06 band intro  02:23
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_07 Seven Years In Tibet  06:20
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_08 Battle For Britain (The Letter)  04:36
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_09 The Man Who Sold The World  03:40
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_10 Fashion... stopped, then Outside  05:05
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_11 Fashion  03:52
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_12 Looking For Satellites  05:18
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_13 The Hearts Filthy Lesson  05:11
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_14 The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)  05:35
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_15 Under Pressure  04:18
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_16 AS END OF DISC  00:07

Disc Two 70:55

db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_15 AS BEGINNING OF DISC  00:07
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_16 Hallo Spaceboy  05:14
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_17 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)  05:28
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_18 Little Wonder  07:49
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_19 Quicksand  05:06
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_20 I Can't Read  05:54
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_21 Telling Lies  05:18
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_22 Fame  04:21
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_23 Dead Man Walking  04:22
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_24 Pallas Athena  08:03
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_25 White Light White Heat  04:05
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_26 O Superman  09:21
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_27 Moonage Daydream  05:39

Download this bootleg here

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