Wednesday, September 21, 2016

NEW: David Bowie live in Nottingham 1997 - 2CD - August 5

David Bowie - 970805 - Nottingham

very good sound quality, DAT
Artwork included

db_1997-08-05_01 Quicksand
db_1997-08-05_02 The Man Who Sold The World
db_1997-08-05_03 The Jean Genie
db_1997-08-05_04 I'm Afraid Of Americans
db_1997-08-05_05 Battle For Britain (The Letter)
db_1997-08-05_06 Fashion
db_1997-08-05_07 Seven Years In Tibet
db_1997-08-05_08 band intro
db_1997-08-05_09 Fame
db_1997-08-05_10 Stay
db_1997-08-05_11 Looking For Satellites
db_1997-08-05_12 Under Pressure
db_1997-08-05_13 The Motel
db_1997-08-05_14 Strangers When We Meet
db_1997-08-05_15 Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
db_1997-08-05_16 Outside
db_1997-08-05_17 The Hearts Filthy Lesson
db_1997-08-05_18 Hallo Spaceboy
db_1997-08-05_19 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
db_1997-08-05_20 Little Wonder
db_1997-08-05_21 introductions
db_1997-08-05_22 Dead Man Walking
db_1997-08-05_23 White Light White Heat
db_1997-08-05_24 O Superman
db_1997-08-05_25 Look Back In Anger

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