Saturday, August 6, 2016

RE-UP: The Astronettes with David Bowie "Having A Good Time" - 1CD - 1973 session

The Astronettes (with David Bowie)
Having a Good Time
Session 1973

01 Seven Days
02 Highway Blues
03 How Could I Be Such A Fool
04 Having A Good Time
05 Only Me
06 I Am A Laser
07 Things To Do
08 God Only Knows
09 People From Bad Homes
10 In The Mood For Love
11 Spirits In The Night

A complete session by The Astronettes at Trident Studios. Produced by David Bowie (who wrote some of the songs and can also be heard throughout the session). This is a "working copy" of the session and different from the album mix that was released by NMC."


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