Sunday, August 14, 2016

NEW: Tin Machine live in San Francisco 1991 - 2CD - December 17 - soundboard

Tin Machine
December 17, 1991
San Francisco, CA
Warfield Theatre

FM Broadcast

A great sounding show of a great performance by a great band.  'Heaven's In Here' was usually played towards the end
of the show so this is unusual in its' inclusion in the beginning.  A nice interview at the end.


1. intro
2. Debaser (Pixies)
3. If There Is Something (Roxy Music)
4. Heaven's In Here
5. I Can't Read
6. Baby Can Dance
7. Betty Wrong
8. Stateside
9. Go Now
10. Shopping For Girls
11. Sacrifice Yourself
12. I've Been Waiting For You (Neil Young)
13. Baby Universal
14. Bus Stop
15. You Belong In Rock and Roll
16. Crack City
17. Under The God
18. Sorry
19. interviews


David Bowie: Vocals, Guitar, Saxophone
Reeves Gabrels: Guitar, vocals
Hunt Sales: Drums, vocals
Tony Sales: Bass, vocals
Eric Schemmerhorn: Guitar

Download this bootleg here

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