Sunday, August 14, 2016

NEW: Tin Machine live in Chicago 1991 - 2CD - December 7 - soundboard

Tin Machine
"Pearl Harbor Day"
Riviera Theatre Chicago IL
December 7, 1991
EX FM Kut Korners (KKP 003)

Lineage: Recorded on a Sony HI FI VHS-Scotch HI FI Tape

There are a few versions of this show out there, but not with this lineage. I taped it on the VHS, since it has a timer while I attended the show. It is as complete as can be, including a commercial and a 23 minute interview from New York. I left all the dj chatter in. Jazz Odyssey is the wandering begining of Betty Wrong and is a reference to Spinal Tap. I hope I do not hurt anybody's feeling but IMO, it was/is pointless. Heaven's In Here is interesting as DB sings parts of Spoonful, I Feel Free and In Every Dream Home a Heartache.

I got in line at 1:00 for this GA show. It was worth it since I was in the front row, holding on to the railing in front of the stage for dear life! It was said that a couple of Pixies were at this gig, as they performed there the previous night.

Track Listing
01.Radio Commercial
03.Crack City
04.Bus Stop
05.A Big Hurt
06.Goodbye Mr Ed
07.Baby Universal
08.Go Now
09.Sacrifice Yourself
11."Jazz Odyssey"
12.Betty Wrong
14.If There Is Something
15.I Can't Read
16.Heaven's In Here
17.DJ Banter
20.Baby Can Dance
21.You Belong In Rock'N Roll
22.DJ Outro

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