Saturday, July 9, 2016

NEW: David Bowie live in Los Angeles 1987 - 2CD - October 13

DAVID BOWIE - Los Angeles 1987-10-13
Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Audience recording
Number of discs: 2
Artwork: included
Total running time: Disc 1: 41:51; Disc 2: 51:48

Disc 1
1. Rebel Rebel
2. Fashion
3. Scary Monsters
4. All The Madmen
5. Never Let Me Down
6. Big Brother
7. Chant Of The Ever- Circling Skeletal Family
8. 87 & Cry
9. Heroes

Disc 2
1. Sons Of The Silent Age
2. Time Will Crawl
3. band introductions
4. Young Americans
5. The Jean Genie
6. Let's Dance
7. Fame
8. Time
9. Blue Jean
10. I Wanna Be Your Dog
11. White Light/White Heat
12. Modern Love

The first seven songs (up to China Girl) are unfortunately missing (first side of tape)
iZotope RX2 denoiser for light dehiss.
Some oversaturation - iZotope RX2 denoiser tool used to restore peaks - high quality setting.
Quite a bit of volume reshaping required.
Join straight after Rebel Rebel (4:01).  Removed and tidied with fades.
Gap between Heroes and Sons Of The Silent Age used as disc break.
Tape flip between Sons Of The Silent Age and Time Will Crawl - seamless.
Pause just before the band introductions - removed and tidied with fades.
Gap - encore break - between Fame and Time - used fades on source tape and removed gap.
Tape flip between White Light/White Heat and Modern Love - seamless.
Sector Boundary Errors fixed with TLH.

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