Saturday, July 23, 2016

NEW: David Bowie live in Burgettstown 1995 - 2CD - September 23

David Bowie
Starlake Amphitheatre
Burgettstown, PA
September 23, 1995

Description: Received this in a trade shortly after the show, so it's likely super low gen.  This is a very nice recording, the only thing bad about it is a bit of distortion on the super high end, but it's not very noticeable and doesn't detract from what is otherwise just a super recording.  I haven't seen this one circulating too much so it may be new to some of you. If you collect Outside Tour shows you'll want to add this one to the collection. From the Blackout archives.  Enjoy!

1. Subterraneans
2. Scary Monsters
3. Reptile
4. Hallo Spaceboy
5. Hurt
6. The Hearts Filthy Lesson
7. I'm Deranged
8. I Have Not Been To Oxford Town
9. We Prick You
10. The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
11. A Small Plot Of Land
12. Breaking Glass
13. Andy Warhol
14. The Man Who Sold The World
15. Outside
16. Jump They Say
17. Nite Flights
18. Band Introductions
19. Joe The Lion

Tracks 1-5 are with Nine Inch Nails.

The Outside Tour Band is:
David Bowie - Vocals
Gail Ann Dorsey - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Carlos Alomar - Guitar, Vocals
Reeves Gabrels - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Garson - Piano
Zachary Alford - Drums, Percussion
Peter Schwartz - Keys, Backing Vocals
George Simms - Backing Vocals, Hanging Out, Occasional Keys, Triangle (?)


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