Sunday, June 26, 2016

NEW: David Bowie live in Sydney 1983 - 2CD - November 19

David Bowie
RAS Showgrounds
Sydney, Australia
November 19, 1983

Description: Received this many years in a tape trade and was asked to post so here it is....probably low gen, very little tape hiss if any.  Not the best quality, a bit overmodulated in places, really a party tape.  Sounds like it was recorded close with actives around the microphone.  Overall I would say listenable but not the first one you'll throw on around your fellow Bowiephiles.  Funny how the apparent well is pretty dry from the Australian leg of the 1983 tour.  I was looking through the Concert Tapes book and nothing from Perth has ever surfaced for 1983 or Adelaide.  Just surprised for such a mammoth tour.  This recording is complete, there are several small interruptions between songs which I have tightened up, the full encore break is included.  The Helden site lists a recording of far lesser quality so I think this will be an upgrade for most who already have this recording due to its generation if nothing else.  Enjoy!  From the Blackout archives.

1. Look Back In Anger (cuts in)
2. "Heroes"
3. What In The World
4. Golden Years
5. Fashion
6. Let's Dance
7. Breaking Glass
8. Life On Mars?
9. Sorrow
10. Cat People
11. China Girl
12. Scary Monsters
13. Rebel Rebel
14. White Light, White Heat

Second Set:
15. Station To Station
16. Cracked Actor
17. Ashes To Ashes
18. Space Oddity
19. Band Introductions
20. Young Americans
21. Fame

22. Star
23. Stay
24. The Jean Genie
25. Modern Love

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