Friday, June 17, 2016

NEW: David Bowie live in Nashville 1978 - 2CD - April 13

Municipal Auditorium, Nashville,TN,USA 1978-04-13

Audience Recording
No Artwork
Sound : Very Good
Total Running Time : 87'04

Tracks :

1. Warszawa
2. "Heroes"
3. What In The World
4. Be My Wife
5. The Jean Genie
6. Blackout
7. Sense Of Doubt
8. Speed Of Life
9. Breaking Glass
10. Beauty And The Beast
11. Fame (beg.cut)
12. Band Intro
13. Five Years
14. Soul Love
16. Hang On To Yourself
17. Ziggy Stardust
18. Suffragette City
19. Art Decade
20. Alabama Song
21. Station To Station

Notes :

I got this in a trade ages ago, the guy who sent it to me didn't tell its generation (but I wonder if he even knew it too, so...).
As every date of the Us Tour I find it a great show, and the very special of it is of course 'Rock'n roll Suicide', which brings the atmosphere to a climax...
A real pity he didn't play it on the entire tour !
The beginning of 'Fame' is missing, due to tape flip and all the encores are missing : I think the guy maybe only just had with him a 90mn tape to record the show ?

Download this bootleg here

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