Saturday, June 11, 2016

NEW: David Bowie live in Copenhagen 1976 - 2CD - April 30

David Bowie
Falkoner Teatret
Copenhagen, Denmark
April 30, 1976

Description: Nice sounding audience tape from the second show in Copenhagen.  Got this one in a tape trade, thank you JH many many years ago.  It has always sounded good to me, one of the better ones from '76.  I think both Copenhagen shows make a nice package.  Bowie says "Good evening Copenhagen" as an identifier in the band intros.  Although Bowie is speaking slowly, the speed of the tape is OK!  Seems like there may have been quite a bit of booze flowing on this tour.  Rebel Rebel has a great, long extended intro on this recording.  Hope you all like it.  This is a raw, untouched transfer right from the original cassette.

1. Station To Station
2. Suffragette City
3. Fame
4. Word On A Wing
5. Stay
6. Waiting For The Man
7. Queen Bitch
8. Life On Mars?
9. Five Years
10. Panic In Detroit
11. Band Introductions
12. Changes
13. TVC-15
14. Diamond Dogs

15. Rebel Rebel
16. The Jean Genie

Download this bootleg here

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