Saturday, June 11, 2016

NEW: David Bowie live in Copenhagen 1976 - 2CD - April 29

David Bowie
Falkoner Teatret
Copenhagen, Denmark
April 29, 1976

Description: Nice sounding audience tape from the 1976 tour.  You can't say that about many '76 shows, but to my ears this is a good one.
Standard setlist for the '76 tour, which remained virtually the same throughout.
The recording itself sounds a shade overmodulated in places, this is the source tape talking, not my transfer.
I think you will really enjoy this one, as I have over the years!

1. Station To Station
2. Suffragette City
3. Fame
4. Word On A Wing
5. Stay
6. Waiting For The Man
7. Queen Bitch
8. Life On Mars?
9. Five Years
10. Panic In Detroit
11. Band Introductions
12. Changes
13. TVC-15
14. Diamond Dogs

15. The Jean Genie
16. Rebel Rebel

Download this bootleg here

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