Sunday, June 26, 2016

NEW: David Bowie live in Buffalo 1983 - 2CD - September 5

David Bowie - Buffalo 83

Date: 1983-09-05
Venue: Buffalo Memorial Auditorium
City: Buffalo
State: New York
Country: USA

Vg+ sound after some EQ was done (bass lifted, treble lifted a bit).
Other measures:
- speed was too high -> reduction by 2,35 % (tape length increased from 106,5 to 109 min)
- sound levels adjusted between left and right channel
- audience noise between tracks reduced
- reverb reduced as much as possible

Other remarks:
- There is some distortion at higher volumes but all in all not too discommoding
- close to the taper (or even the taper himself?) a guy is yelling loudly from time to time, mostly at    the start of the songs which was not possible to remove or reduce without changing the flow of the songs. So I left it in.
- Rebel Rebel cut's in


01 Intro
02 Look Back In Anger
03 Heroes
04 What In The World
05 Golden Years
06 Fashion
07 Let's Dance
08 Life On Mars
09 Sorrow
10 Cat People
11 China Girl
12 Scary Monsters
13 Rebel Rebel (cut)
14 White Light White Heat

01 Station To Station
02 Cracked Actor
03 Ashes To Ashes
04 Space Oddity
05 Band Introductions
06 Young Americans
07 Fame
08 Star
09 Stay
10 Jean Genie
11 Modern Love

Remaster and Artwork by Learm.

Download this bootleg here

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