Sunday, May 8, 2016

NEW: David Bowie "Where The Fuck Did Monday Go?" - 1DVD - volume 1

David Bowie – Where the fuck did Monday go?
An English Man in New York

British T.V. news 10th January to late February 2016

Sad times and still can’t believe the passing of David Jones.

Got up on Monday morning around 7:10 to open a text from a good friend at work to say David Bowie has died this morning and it’s all over the news, my wife thought I was kidding when I told her and then we turned on the TV.
What a sad day that was to be.

I offer you the news reports I managed to record on that day from the BBC to ITV, SKY and channel 4 and five. To this day I have not really watched them back since I still find it really hard to do and now as I prepare them for you to upload I find I have little or no appetite to upload anymore.
I feel that music has died and the drive to buy even Bowie items anymore has gone…He will be missed.
There is no other.

In these five DVD’s I offer you, you will find some very repetitive and close to other news reports. Sorry if I have on a few reels repeated myself but you will see some very touching and quite moving reports and plus I find it hard to even edit them out.
Disc 5 I have included Big Brother where Angie Bowie makes a right mess of telling her fellow mates the news of David’s passing and then they think it’s another David from the house (what a joke and channel 5 cocks this very sad situation right up).
Reading an article on the title I have used where Bowie sings (Where the fuck did Monday go?) from as you know is in one of his lasts tracks says did Bowie know Sunday was near the end and as the song says where the fuck did Monday go?

Not just any other production

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

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