Thursday, April 28, 2016

RE-UP: Tin Machine live in London 1989 - 1CD - June 27

Tin Machine
Town & Country Club, London
27th June 1989

01. Intro
02. Amazing
03. Heaven's In Here
04. Sacrifice Yourself
05. Working Class Hero
06. Prisoner Of Love
07. I'm Sorry
08. Bus Stop
09. Run
10. Maggie's Farm
11. I Can't Read
12. Baby Can Dance
13. Pretty Things
14. Crack City
15. Under The God

Bought at Brighton Records Fair shortly after the gig.
Very good audience recording, flip side of my tape from I Can't Read was noticeably
quieter so I've boosted the volume via Audacity and cleaned up some of the background noise
present on the tape due to generational hiss.

Download this bootleg here

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