Saturday, April 9, 2016

RE-UP: David Bowie & Marc Bolan rehearsal 1977 - 1CD - soundboard

David Bowie & Marc Bolan
Gotta Get It Right

Recorded in Manchester England, September 1977 during the rehearsals for the "Marc" TV show.

01. Sitting Next To You
02. Sitting Next To You
03. Intro Hehearsal
04. Intro Hehearsal
05. Intro Hehearsal
06. Sitting Next To You
07. Intro Hehearsal
08. Madman
09. Madman
10. Madman
11. Unknown Title
12. Unknown Title
13. Unknown Title
14. Walking Through That Door (Rumoured to be Bolan,Bowie and Gloria Jones from 1975)

A Very clear copy of this unique rehearsal session.

Artwork included

Download this bootleg here

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