Friday, April 22, 2016

NEW: David Bowie live on the radio 1997 & 1998 - 1CD

David Bowie
Sigma Sound Studios & Howard Stern
October 2 1997 & January 30 1998
artwork included

Dead Man Walking
... "Memoires Of Goldfish"
Always Crashing In The Same Car
"... clothes"
ID Break
Back With Bowie
I Can't Read
... on Austin Powers
... riffs and Jimmy Page
... radio mime and Chekov's "The Seagull"
The Supermen
Chattin' about "Cash"
Scary Monsters
End bit about Philly
WXPN Phila. PA 88.5 outro

Howard Stern's birthday party intro
... about "live from the Phila Spectrum"
I'm Afraid Of Americans
"goodbye" ... would you 'shag' Bowie, Robin?
"special tape" birthday greeting from Pam & Tommy
WXSP FM outro

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