Friday, April 22, 2016

NEW: David Bowie live in New York 2002 - 1CD - August 2

David Bowie
Area2 Festival Jones Beach Theatre, Long Island, NY
2 August 2002

This was a festival created by Moby who played along with Bowie and Busta’ Rhymes and a couple of other acts. This is the Bowie set and it is pretty cool. Well payed, David sounds great and the set list is cool. Some Bowie classics and some really cool covers.

I hope you Enjoy!

01 LIfe On Mars?
02 Ashes To Ashes
03 Cactus
04 Slip Away
05 China Girl
06 Fame
07 I've Been Waiting For You
08 I Would Be Your Slave
09 Band Intros
10 I'm Afraid of Americans
11 Changes
12 5:15 The Angles Have Gone
13 Heroes

Download this bootleg here

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