Tuesday, March 29, 2016

RE-UP: David Bowie "Monsters To Ashes" - 1CD - outtakes & TV shows

David Bowie - Monsters to Ashes

Artwork: Included
Source: Outtakes and tv recording

it's no game no.2 (alternate take)
cameras in brooklyn (early version of up the hill backwards)
scary monsters (alternate take)
ashes to ashes (12minute disco version)
teenage wildlife (alternate take)
screanm like a baby (early version)
kingdom come (alternate take)
because your young (alternate take)
is there life after marriage?
ashes to ashes(tonight show 5th sep 1980)
life on mars (tonight show 5th sep 1980)
man who sold the world (saturday night live 15th dec.1979)
boys keep swining (saturday night live 15th dec.1979)
tvc15 (saturday night live 15th dec.1979)
panic in detroit (recorded during scary monsters sessions)
iam a laser
tired of my life

bonus tracks
everyone says hi (harold schmidt 11th july 11th july 2002


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