Tuesday, March 1, 2016

RE-UP: David Bowie live in Vancouver 2004 - 2CD - January 24

Band: David Bowie
Venue: GM Place Bowl
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Date: 01-24-2004
audience recording

Disc 1
01 Intro
02 Rebel Rebel
03 New Killer Star
04 Reality
05 Fame
06 Cactus
07 All the Young Dudes
08 China Girl
09 Ive Been Waiting for You
10 Days
11 A NEw Career in a NEw Town
12 Breaking Glass
13 Be My Wife
14 Always Crashing the Same Car
15 The Man who Sold the World
16 Hallo Spaceboy
17 Sunday

Disc 2
01 Under PRessure
02 Life On Mars
03 Panic IN Detroit
04 Ashes To AShes
05 White Light WHite Heat
06 Im Afrraid of Americans
07 Heroes
08 Five Years
09 Suffragette City
10 Ziggy Stardust

Another great show back to back nights. Fairly similar setlist but it comes of the stage a lot bigger than it did in Seattle. I think Seattle was my favorite of the two but they both have their own highlights. This was in a stadium that was cut down to be a smaller version of itself with some big curtains up. Made it more intimate than most shows at that venue. During this tour there was a fan in the audience who dressed up each night as a bunny and went to a bunch of Bowie stops on that tour (10 maybe?). He makes some comments to her on various nights of the tour which is pretty funny. She happens to be a Vancouver native (Lollipop Shoved!). After this show in Vancouver, she stood stage left as everyone filed out and someone from Bowie's camp tried to get her backstage. The local promoter (I wanna say it was Clear CHan) would not let him bring more people back that werent preapproved. After Bowies management failed to convince the promoter to change their mind, Bowie himself came out and started screaming at their reps. He said I am making you guys millions of dollars, you cant tell me what to do, this is my last tour with you guys etc... It was awesome!! Seeing someone so oldschool trying to still connect with fans is sweet. Bowie is one of my musical heroes, hope to see many more years of his music, live or otherwise.



  1. This is actually the Seattle show, and only half the concert is here. I'm getting a ton of errors when it downloads. Not surprisingly, the download for the Seattle show is actually the 1/24 Vancouver show.

  2. I just downloaded the file myself. No problems during the download. And the file is fine too. It is the Vancouver show, and it's the complete show.....

  3. Weird. My download is definitely the Seattle show, I remember him asking for shades because the lighting guy had all three spots on him.