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RE-UP: David Bowie "Absolutely Rare" - 1CD - 1975 outtakes & early live

David Bowie - Absolutely Rare

New York, Carnegie Hall 28.09.1972; London, Marquee Club 18-20-10.1973; Young Americans outtakes & studio mixes.

Liberated Bootleg

Label: unknown (no label, no number, "ABSOLUTELY RARE" printed on the CD-matrix (released 1996)
Audio Source: soundboard
Number of Discs: 1
Artwork: included
Total running time: 69m 23s

Notes: Compilation; The cover says: "Absolutely Rare is a collection of ultra-rare and previously unreleased recordings from 1972 to 1975 in EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY"  Wink

Comments taken from bassman's site: "A very nice compilation disc. The majority of the songs are from the Marquee Club, in excellent stereo sound quality! All of the other songs are studio versions, except for MY DEATH. REBEL REBEL and GOLDEN YEARS are so called "dry mixes" made for Top Of The Pops. DODO is a recording with Bowie and Lulu on vocals. The three YOUNG AMERICANS songs are alternative studio takes. As you can see above, lots of different colour variations were released. A nice and interesting disc!"

This was my very first silver BowieBoot I bought. (and I bought only a few afterwards, but not because I did not like this one a lot  Wink ) For your enjoyment served as an "xAct cd-paranoid"-rip.

Info: Comments taken from bassman's site: Bonus: colour picture discs, 100 in green, 450 in red, 200 in gold and 100 in green and orange - (this rip was from a golden edition)


The Music Hall, Boston on 10 January 1972
01 - My Death

NBC Midnight Special at the Marquee, London on 18-20 October 1973
02 - Sorrow
03 - Time
04 - Everything's Alright
05 - Space Oddity
06 - I Can't Explain
07 - The Jean Genie
08 - 1984/Dodo

With Marianne Faithfull
09 - I Got You Babe

BBC Version: Special Dry Mix made for Top of the Pops broadcast in 1974
10 - Rebel Rebel

With Lulu, original full length version recorded in late 1973
11 - Dodo

Young Americans recording sessions in 1975
12 - Can You Hear Me?
13 - Right
14 - Somebody Up There Likes Me

BBC Version: Another Dry Mix made for Top of the Pops in 1975
15 - Golden Years

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