Tuesday, March 15, 2016

NEW: David Bowie "25 Years of Ziggy Stardust: Birth of a Monster" volume 1 - 1DVD

David Bowie
"25 Years of Ziggy Stardust: Birth of a Monster" (Part 1 of 2)

Author: John Harrison
Video Source: VHS
Lineage: VHS > Standalone > TMPEG Author (no reencode)
Menu: Yes
Chapters: Yes
Transfer Rate: ~4.5 Mbps
Format: MPEG-2, 704x576, 25 fps
Audio: Dolby Digital, 48000 Hz, Stereo 256 Kb/s
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Full Screen
Number of Discs: 1 (of 2)
Disc Type: DVD5
Total Running Time: 126 Minutes

- And On The Seventh Day...
- Five Years - OGWT 1972
- Where Do You Get Your Information..
- Ziggy Played Guitar
- About Mick Ronson
- The Look Of Ziggy
- Vince Taylor's Influence
- Keep You 'lectric Eye On Me Babe
- Starman
- A Natural Elegance
- Two Become One
- Starman - TOTP 1972
- The Spiders From Mars
- "At One Time It Was A Musical"
- Galm Rock - "I Don't Understand It"
- Zowie / Breaking The U.S. Market
- John, I'm Only Dancing
- Bolan / Lady Stardust
- Mike Garson / Scientology
- "Just Watch Me Now"
- Charles Shaar Murray
- Changes / Angie
- Santa Monica / Ode To Joy
- "Praying To The Light Machine"
- Mainman / 1st U.S. Tour
- Ziggy Stardust - The Griffin Promo
- Beware, The Spiders Are Coming
- "While You're Down There"
- "You Stroke Me Like The Rain"
- OGWT Appearance 1972
- "Planet Earth Is Blue"
- "It's A God-Awful Small Affair"
- The Original Tracklisting
- Andy Warhol

In 1997 to commemorate 25 years of Ziggy Stardust, longtime fan John Harrison created two semi-professional videos from hundreds of hours of video and thousands of photo stills of Ziggy Stardust.  They aren't for sale - they are limited edition distributed only amongst friends and even sent to David Bowie himself.

Part 1: 25 Years of Ziggy Stardust: The Birth of A Monster
To commemorate 25 Years of Ziggy Stardust: Unreleased Archive footage and rare stills. David Bowie is Ziggy Stardust.  25 years on ... Ziggy was an Inspiration to every gender.  A hero whose immaculate web formed a theatrical mystique of glamour and infinite grace.  His appeal was universal.   The future was not an illusion.  It was happening now.  A creative character who still remains a burning spirit within ourselves.  Here is the story ....


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