Monday, February 15, 2016

RE-UP: David Bowie "The 1980 Floor Show outtakes volume 6" - 1DVD

David Bowie
The 1980 Floor Show Outtakes Volume 6
The Marquee Club, London, England
Recorded: 18, 19 & 20 October 1973

DVD 6 of 6: Mainman Showreel

00:00:13 - Diamond Dogs TV ad (30 sec)

00:00:53 - silent/color Ziggy movie
(This footage from the Dunstable concert on 21 June 1972 was used for the Ziggy Stardust video to promote the release of the SANTA MONICA '72 album.)

From The Dick Cavett Show:
00:17:13 - The Dick Cavett Show
00:17:50 - Introduction by Dick Cavett
00:20:55 - 1984
00:23:55 - Young Americans
00:29:10 - Footstompin'

00:32:54 - David Live TV ad (60 sec)
00:33:55 - David Live TV ad (30 sec)

From The 1980 Floor Show:
00:33:25 - The Troggs -  Wild Thing (introduced by Amanda Lear)
00:37:29 - Carmen - Bulerias
00:42:42 - David Bowie - The Jean Genie
00:48:28 - Amanda Lear - Next on The Midnight Special
00:49:03 - Mariane faithfull - 20th Century Blues
00:51:50 - The Troggs -  I Can't Control Myself
00:54:49 - Amanda Lear (Very strange)
00:54:50 - The Troggs - Strange Movie

00:57:48 - Black screen
00:59:43 - Title menu
02:03:17 - End

This is Volume 6 of 6 DVD’s straight from the vaults of the NBC. A total of over 10 hours of recordings from the 1980 Floor Show of which only a mere 45 minutes were actually released in the US. The recordings include dance rehearsals, song rehearsals and much more. These DVD’s contain very rare live performances from David that have never been released in any other form ever before. Bowie's performance on Saturday the 19th October, went on for over 10 hours as each song was performed and filmed over and over. Because of the small size of the Marquee, only two cameras were able to film and so each song was shot, as many as five to six times, to allow for camera re-positioning and the overall satisfaction of Bowie and the film crew. The whole thing was, according to Bowie later, "shot abysmally." The fans, of course, loved the fact that they got to see their hero perform many times over. During the intervals between takes, and despite having just recovered from a recent bout of influenza, Bowie laughs and jokes with the audience and signs autographs. This DVD set is absolutely 100% authentic and a must for every David Bowie fan. The DVD's are recorded region free. All six DVDs make up more than 10 hours from The 1980 Floor Show (The Midnight Special).

Artwork included.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here

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