Friday, January 29, 2016

RE-UP: David Bowie live in Paris 1990 - 4CD - April 2 & 3

DAVID BOWIE - Paris 1990-04-02/03

Palais Omnisports, Bercy, Paris

Audience recording
Number of discs: 4
Artwork: included
Total running time: Disc 1: 58:32; Disc 2: 44:22; Disc 3: 61:38; Disc 4: 56:47

Track listing:

Disc 1

2nd April concert

01 Ode To Joy intro
02 Space Oddity
03 Changes
04 TVC 15
05 Rebel Rebel
06 Be My Wife
07 Ashes To Ashes
08 Queen Bitch
09 Fashion
10 Life On Mars?
11 Blue Jean
12 Let's Dance
13 Stay
14 band introductions
15 China Girl

Disc 2

01 Ziggy Stardust
02 Sound + Vision
03 Station To Station
04 Young Americans
05 Suffragette City
06 Fame 90
07 Heroes
08 The Jean Genie
09 Modern Love

Disc 3

3rd April concert

01 Ode To Joy intro
02 Space Oddity
03 Changes
04 TVC 15
05 Rebel Rebel
06 Golden Years
07 Be My Wife
08 Ashes To Ashes
09 John I'm Only Dancing
10 Fashion
11 Life On Mars?
12 Blue Jean
13 Let's Dance
14 Stay
15 China Girl

Disc 4

01 Ziggy Stardust
02 Sound + vision
03 Station To Station
04 Alabama Song
05 Young Americans
06 Panic In Detroit
07 Suffragette City
08 Fame 90
09 Heroes
10 Pretty Pink Rose
11 Queen Bitch
12 The Jean Genie

Fix notes:

2nd April:

It's apparent that there was over-miking of the floor toms (present on both versions I tried) causing bass rumble frequently throughout.
Tape flip between Queen Bitch and Fashion during tape flip.  Faded on tape, repaired as best as I could.
Fade out between Heroes and The Jean Genie which clips the start of the latter.

3rd April:

Significant disparity in volume between the two channels, with the right channel oversaturated.  Used iZotope RX declipper tool to restore peaks on right channel for whole tape - successful

Joins between Panic and Detroit and Suffragette City, and Fame 90 and Heroes resulted in minor loss of music to start of latter song in each case.  Join between Let's Dance and Stay lost crowd noise only.
Join betweeen Ashes To Ashes and John I'm Only Dancing loses David saying the name of JIOD!

Unpleasant blare at the start of Blue Jean which could not be fixed without being intrusive.  The sound is a little rougher from Heroes onwards and that's on the tape.


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