Thursday, January 14, 2016

RE-UP: David Bowie live in Paris 1978 - 2CD - May 25

David Bowie - Paris 1978-05-25

Pavillon de Paris

Audience recording
Number of discs: 2
Artwork: included
Total running time: Disc 1: 51:19; Disc 2: 57:57

Track listing:

Disc 1

1. Warszawa
2. Heroes
3. What In The World
4. Be My Wife
5. The Jean Genie
6. Blackout
7. Sense Of Doubt
8. Speed Of Life
9. Breaking Glass
10. Fame
11. Beauty And The Beast

Disc 2

1. Band Intros/Five Years
2. Soul Love
3. Star
4. Hang On To Yourself
5. Ziggy Stardust
6. Suffragette City
7. Art Decade
8. Alabama Song
9. Station To Station
10. Stay
11. TVC 15
12. Rebel Rebel

Fix Notes:

Light hiss removal using iZotope RX denoiser on whole recording.
Volume variable from side to side on tape: boosted by 135% on sides 2 and 3 (Blackout to Station To Station).
Some speed fluctuation throughout, believed from tape stretch, most notable on Ziggy Stardust and Suffragette City.
Tape flips between The Jean Genie and Blackout; Soul Love and Star; and Station To Station and Star.  In all cases, only crowd noise is affected.
Tape join between TVC 15 and Rebel Rebel tidied up.
Sound is less bright between Beauty And The Beast and Suffragette City on the original.


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