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RE-UP: David Bowie live in Brussels 1983 - 2CD - May19

David Bowie - 830519 - Brussels

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Vorst Nationaal
Brussels, Belgium
May 19, 1983

Description: In conjunction with Isolar 2's release of the May 18, 1983 show, here is the 19th in similar quality.  This was sent to me in low gen form, I believe three times off the master.  These shows are historic considering the original Serious Moonlight setlist is featured, which was drastically shortened as the official tour kicked off in Frankfurt 2 days later.  The Frankfurt show dropped great songs like 'Joe The Lion', 'Soul Love' which would not stay in the setlist.  Others like Look Back In Anger would not re-appear for a couple of months.  These shows are a must if you are a Bowie collector of any kind....There are 34 songs but no song 18, making for a 33 song setlist.  Apologies for any technical difficulties but trust me you'll like this.

1. Intro/The Jean Genie (Intro)
2. Star
3. "Heroes"
4. What In The World
5. Look Back In Anger
6. Joe The Lion
6-2. Wild Is The Wind count-in
7. Wild Is The Wind
8. Golden Years
9. Fashion -->
10. Let's Dance
11. Red Sails
12. Breaking Glass
13. Life On Mars
14. Sorrow
15. Cat People
16. China Girl
17. Scary Monsters
18. Rebel Rebel
19. I Can't Explain
20. White Light/White Heat

Second Set:
21. Station To Station
22. Cracked Actor
23. Ashes To Ashes
24. Space Oddity
25. Band Introductions
26. Young Americans
27. Soul Love
28. Hang Onto Yourself
29. Fame
30. TVC-15

31. Stay
32. The Jean Genie
33. Modern Love

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