Wednesday, December 16, 2015

RE-UP: David Bowie live in Rochester 1976 - 2CD - March 20

DAVID BOWIE - Rochester 1976-03-20

War Memorial, Rochester, NY, USA

Audience recording
Number of discs: 1 (90 minute disc)
Artwork: included
Total running time: 87:24


1. Station To Station
2. Suffragette City
3. Fame
4. Word On A Wing
5. Stay
6. Waiting For The Man
7. Queen Bitch
8. Life On Mars?
9. Panic In Detroit
10. band introductions
11. Changes
12. TVC 15
13. Diamond Dogs
14. Rebel Rebel
15. The Jean Genie


Single pass of iZotope RX denoiser for hiss.
Sundry tweaks to volume, which was very variable throughout.
Running too fast.  Speed adjustment on all tracks to Rebel Rebel with factor of 96%; The Jean Genie speed adjustment at 92%.

Tape flip @ 3:32 in Five Years - fade-out/in, small amount of music lost
Gap (presumably encore break) between Diamond Dogs and Rebel Rebel - removed and smoothed out.
Gap (and virtual fade to zero) between Rebel Rebel and The Jean Genie.  Removed and tidied.


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