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RE-UP: David Bowie live in Tokyo 1973 - 1CD - April 20

David Bowie
Shibuya Kookaldo,Tokyo,Japan
20th April 1973

EX quality recording (sounds stereo?)

01 Intro
02 Hang On To Yourself
03 Ziggy Stardust
04 Changes
05 Moonage Daydream
06 John I'm only Dancing
07 Watch That Man
08 The Jean Genie
09 Time
10 Five Years
11 Let's Spend the Night Together
12 Starman
13 Suffragette City
14 Rock'n'Roll Suicide
15 Round and Round

This is definitely one of the best quality Ziggy era recordings...a few higher quality recordings have gradually surfaced over the years, but this isn't far off the His Master's Voice recording for quality.

My only issue with it in comparison to that fantastic bootleg and other recordings of the era is this sounds less exciting than some of the other shows of the era. DOn't get me wrong, it's a good show, of course, it just sounds like it's lacking something compared to the best shows, perhaps tour fatigue (similar set, month after month) was sinking in.

The gig? The audience clap along to the intro, and BOwie really holds the ziggy 'playyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeed" note! Things do pick up for Watch That Man, I feel, very good performance there. Good performance of Time, and there seems to be a couple of minor skips or edits in there, but as it's slightly murky (it's excellent quality overall but there is a little 'murk' to the recording still) I have not tried to repair that, partly because with some repairs the work involved isn't justified by the result, and I also felt that could be the case here. This is a good point to say that despite this making it to a factory pressed CD, it does have a couple of CD-rot related issues...presumably the factory CD was mastered from an early /
partly rotted CD-R? None of these 'issues' are particularly noticeable for 90% of the recording...there's the occasonal very light click but aside from that it's all well and good. However things set in during the encore, Round and Round. This is a shame, as in my opinion it's *the* biggest highlight here...not everyone rates the song, but I think it was great live, a really fun way to end a show. It's a great recording and performance of the song, considerably marred by clicks. I did once try to track down a clean version of this, but with no luck. I have done my best to repair it...most of the mix here - a simply widening of the stereo picture - was relatively light work but I've tried Click Repair and manual repair of the noises
in Round and Round. It doesn't sound so bad now.

Five Years is a very good performance, a shame there's the odd effect of the cd issues, but again these are minor at this stage. I suspect this recording could be a slightly re-worked tape (there stereo sound isn't necessarily from the original recording? Having done a bit of widening of sound it's quite possible to do reasonably good sounding 'stereo-ish' sound)...
it would be interesting to see if anyone has an 'untouched' tape of this show and maybe start afresh? However like I said 90% of this sounds fine.

Nice piano in the background on Starman, and moog too!

This gig has some nice moments and great playing despite the above reservations, so enjoy!

Download this bootleg here

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