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NEW: David Bowie "Live Marquee Club 1973" - 1DVD - pro-shot

David Bowie

The Midnight Special
The Marquee Club 18-20 August 1973

01. 1984 / Dodo
02. Sorrow
03. Everything's Alright
04. Space Oddity
05. 1984 (reprise)
06. I Can't Explain
07. Time
08. The Jean Genie
09. I've Got You Babe

The Dick Cavett Show
NBC TV 4th December 1974

10. intro
11. 1984
12. Young Americans
13. interview
14. Footstompin

artwork included

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here

FLAC: David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 33" - 12CD

Clearing out the boxes and making sure there's nothing left - so here's volume 33.  I did mention a while back that there may be enough for two more HG volumes of audios, but a couple fell by the wayside and one or two got upped to Bowie Station (the tipping point was Timothy White's Rock Stars) so one final release it is.

Eight releases in here for you, so here we go...

HUG294CD  Town & Country Club, London 1989-06-27
Source: Andre F.  This one's the full gig, unlike most of the boots around.  Very clear, obviously lo-gen recording, with excellent quality reproduction of the band’s playing.  Unfortunately, however, the kit doesn’t appear to be able to cope with David’s vocals, which are ragged throughout.  SQ: 9 /10 for the band; 8/10 for David.

HUG295CD  Los Angeles 1987-10-13
Source: Steve Keay.  Half of this concert previously appeared in Slight Seconds Volume 1 - and Steve was kind enough to respond to that by sending through the full gig.  I don't think it's from the same source, but it's a good quality recording, as you'd expect.  SQ: 8½.

HUG296CD  Montreal 1990-03-06
Source: Andre F.  The second concert of the Sound + Vision tour, and this one's reasonably widely in circulation from (I believe) a FM broadcast.  This one's an audience recording.  Quite intense sound - loud crowd, band a little far away.  Decent clean recording, however, only glitch is slight dullness in sound at start of Let's Dance.  SQ: 8½.

I had a second audience recording from Arcorman, and did want to to a special edition with both, but the Arcorman version was pretty poor, unfortunately.

HUG297CD  Birmingham 1983-06-05
Source: Arcorman.  None of the versions in circulation seem to be as good as the following night, and this is no exception.  Nice balanced sound.  Not as bright as it could be - as if Dolbyed once too often - but my memory is that this was the case back in the day.  SQ: 8/10.

Corrected a nasty little speed variation, which I think has been on this recording since it first circulated.

HUG298CD  Radio One Interview 1980-12-07
Source: Noggin.  I literally forgot I'd transferred this one!  It's from AM, so SQ is only around the 8½ mark, but it's a good recording.  Nice expansive stuff about Scary Monsters, and the opportunity to have some fun with the cover art!

HUG299CD  Philadelphia 1983-07-21
Source: Arcorman.  Another one with very intense sound and towards the bottom end of quality for what I'd let into HG ( 7½-8 ), but a decent enough performance.

HUG300CD  Hemel Hempstead 1972-05-07
It's no secret that the sound on this one has bugged me - and the niggly gaps between the tracks have bugged everyone!  So a bit of a tidy up.  Hiss removed, gaps removed and cleaned and the whole thing just given a bit of a spruce up.  It's a smashing recording, and I'd now rate the sound at 8½/10.

Footnote - when I came to list this on Bootlegzone, I realised that I'd already used the title "The Night Begins For One" for Manchester 73 (HUG198CD).  I've therefore retitled it "Let All The Children Boogie", and will attach the relevant replacement art, one way or another.  Oops!

HUG301CD - Japanese Interviews 1977-83
Source: mostly nicmac, two from Noggin.  Whichever source, these were hissfests, so I took the nuclear option and blitzed with Goldwave as they're interviews, rather than concert recordings.  I think they're mostly from FM (possibly AM) but there are definitely one or two from TV as well.  Some are clips from interviews discussed and expanded upon by the DJs, some are straight interviews.  There's a lot of Japanese in there though.  The nicmac tracks have cleared up reasonably well (8½/10) the Noggin tracks are still pretty rumbly (7½).  There was room on the disc, so the final track is from UK TV, but pretty difficult to find.

So that's the end of the Hunky Geordie audio volumes.  I've still got a couple that I may up as solus recordings, and there still a few DVDs to come, but that's all folks, and it's been a great ride!

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here

FLAC: David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 32" - 14CD


Going out with a bumper lot of no less than nine recordings!

HUG277CD Foxboro 1990-07-21
Source: AndreF; transfer: 100PCB. Good quality Sound and Vision concert, not a huge amount more to say! SQ: 9/10

HUG278CD Dallas 1983-08-19
Source: Arcorman. Lovely recording. A little trebly, but clearly very lo-gen and excellent sound. 9/10.

HUG279CD Leicester 1973-06-11
Source: nicmac. Going right back to when I was tape trading back in the early eighties, I had a tape of this gig, and it was the poorest quality tape I had. Dull thudding noise and no more. Then I got Pimm Jal’s book, and couldn’t believe that he’d rated it as 7/10. More recently I got hold of a copy of the Saloca and Old Gold versions and guess what – dull thuddy sound. So what was Pimm Jal talking about?

Here you go then. Just as Pimm Jal promised, a really good sounding recording, just a shame there’s not more of it. SQ: 7½/10.

HUG280CD Marseilles 1978-05-27
Source: nicmac. This is the gig where, ironically straight after “Blackout”, the power went. After a break, David and the band came on and played a somewhat different second half of the concert.

It’s decent sound, just a little fluffy at the edges (so perhaps a gen or two higher than usual), and perhaps a little bassier than usual. It does vary, however, so just check out how good the Ziggy songs sound. SQ: 8/10

HUG281CD Copenhagen 1976-04-30
Source: nicmac. Reasonably clean without major hiccups - fairly typical sound for a '76 recording.  7-7½/10.

HUG282CD KALA FM, Davenport, Iowa 1978-05
Source: Noggin. A Bowie retrospective piece, clocking in at a shade under 35 minutes. It’s thoughtfully put together, with some nice interview segments. No significantly unusual music, but a good listen.

HUG283CD Chatham 1973-06-12
Source: Noggin. I was a few meg short to finish HG32, so decided to tidy up my old copy of Chatham (which I’ve upped before here) and throw it in. On a whim I checked out Noggin’s tape – and wow!

Best quality version of this I've heard. Sound does vary a little, occasionally 8/10, but mostly a rather tasty 8½/10. Love it!

HUG284CD Rotterdam 1987-05-31
Concert source: nicmac; transfer: 100PCB. Absolutely fine audience recording. 8½/10. While sorting the Rotterdam rehearsals tapes that I got from Mike Jewell, for HUG276CD, I found that one was actually a soundcheck for the 31st May gig – so I’ve put it in here instead. The sound quality is fairly irrelevant on a soundcheck (though this one’s not too bad, a decent 7½/10) – you either love them or hate them. But this one’s perfectly listenable.

HUG285CD Detroit 1974-10-16
Source: Noggin. Hands up who knew that I was going to bow out with this one? Oh, everyone!! I had three (or was it four) different versions to play with. It became clear that Noggin’s seemed to be the hands down winner, but on the headphones I just couldn’t clear the last bits of hiss. Stopped trying for a while, and burned off a copy anyway.

Bouncing around all the way to work when listening to this in the car. Lovely sound, brilliant performance.  Was worried that I'd left it quite hissy, but it's not hiss, it's on the tape, it's atmosphere from the gig. Fantastic. 8½/10, possibly even 9/10

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here

FLAC: David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 31" - 14CD


I grow old, I grow old, I shall wear my trousers rolled. It’s the penultimate batch of audios, and it’s feeling about time! Some nice ones this month though…

HUG268CD Madison Square Garden, New York 1978-05-08
Source: Noggin. Decent recording. Clean sound, perhaps a teeny bit limited when loudest, but don't want to make a fuss. Would rate it 8½, except that the taper decided to pause between every song - so very stop/start. Make it an 8/10.

HUG269CD Hamburg 1976-04-11
Source: Arcorman. Side 1 (up to Five Years) is absolutely spiffing, lovely sound – it’s a real treat.  8½/10. Side two is troubled in places. Bits sound like they may be from a different, poorer-quality, source. Towards the end (from Diamond Dogs), a lot of variation in quality, that sounds like the taper is in the middle of a crowd. 7½/10.

HUG270CD Tampa 1987-09-19
Source and transfer: Steve Keay. Quite variable sound, both in terms of volume and, at times, clarity - so perhaps a notch down on the other ‘87 recordings from Steve. That's not to say it's bad in any way, and a comfortable 8½/10.

HUG271CD Detroit 1983-07-30
Source: nicmac; transfer: 100PCB. Very clean recording, no hiss no fuzziness, just not recorded on state-of-the-art kit. No complaints, just not quite as good as some others from '83. SQ: 8/10

HUG272CD Calgary 1990-03-13
Source: AndreF. Serviceable S+V concert. Sound is OK, without ever being fantastic - probably shaky acoustics in the venue. SQ: 8-8½/10.

HUG273CD Toronto 1974-06-16 (evening show)
Source: Noggin. Quite flat sound, not my favourite 1974 recording, but nice clear sound. Generally very good quality, perhaps tails off a smidgen on last three or four songs. 8½/10.

HUG275CD Essen 1978-05-18
Source: Arcorman and M_B_F. Very muffled start to Warszawa (and briefly to Blackout as well), otherwise really pretty good sound, albeit with some variation in quality. Easily 8, possibly 8½. Final three tracks are M_B_F’s and are from an alternative source. OK, but harsher quality, 8/10.


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FLAC: David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 30" - 13CD


Getting near the end of the series now, but some goodies for you.

HUG260CD Landover, MD 1983-08-28
Source: arcorman; transfer: 100PCB. Good quality recording. Quite intense sound, as clearly from right in the middle of a very enthusiastic crowd, and at the start, at least, the band also sound a bit distant: but good, balanced sound. 8/10

HUG261CD The Rainbow, London 1972-08-19
Source: M_B_F. Decent quality - albeit not up to the standard of HJ's version of the following night. Decent balanced sound, just a little creaky at peaks (presume kit limitations), and the odd static crackle towards the end. Good listen, however, with SQ 7½-8/10.

HUG262CD Brussels 1978-06-12
Source: nicmac. Decent enough recording. Bit muffled at the start of three tape sides (Heroes, Blackout, Station To Station), but one clear of that, nice sound. 8/10.

HUG263CD Fukuoka 1996-06-13
Source: nicmac; transfer: 100PCB. As with Kokura HUG214CD), there’s a DAT clone of this around, but the AD transfer means that this is a different sound. It’s excellent quality. Sounds a little distant at times, but just turn up the volume. 8½ pushing 9/10.

HUG264CD Houston 1987-10-07
Source and transfer: Steve Keay. Quite superb sound. Quality is on a par with a soundboard (though believe it's audience). 9-9½/10.

HUG265CD Austin 1990-06-06
Source: andreF; transfer: 100PCB. Excellent quality sound. Only gripe is that there are occasional times where it sounds a little slippy - little speed blips - but it could be my ears deceiving me. Make it an 8½.

HUG266CD Tin Machine: Cologne 1991-10-26
Source: arcorman; transfer: 100PCB. In short, great sound and good performance. 9/10


FLAC: David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 29" - 14CD


There’s a couple of rather special ones from the seventies this time…

HUG249CD Lexington, Kentucky 1987-09-14
Source and transfer: Steve Keay. Those of you with a long memory may recall that I upped a rip of the “Rupp” CD version three years back (that was on MWP). That was excellent quality, this is an upgrade. Great sound throughout. SQ: 8½/10.

HUG250CD Tokyo 1983-10-22
Source: nicmac. Quite intense sound. Very annoying girl fan close to taper keeps just squeaking "Bowie" at every opportunity. Very listenable, however. 8/10

HUG251CD Detroit 1983-07-31
Source: arcorman. Excellent sound, difficult to fault. 9/10.

HUG252CD Noblesville, Indianapolis 1990-06-12
Source: andref; transfer: 100PCB. Excellent sound, no quibbles. 9/10

HUG253CD Zurich 1976-04-17 (Special Edition)
Source and transfer: Steve Keay. Two different recordings of this excellent gig.

Discs 1 & 2: great fresh sound. Little ragged at the edges (assume kit limitations) which is most noticeable on the encores, but great listen. 8/10

Discs 3 & 4: also very fresh recording. Good depth of sound, but get the impression that it was recorded beneath a seat - so sound washes a little and audience is clearer than the recording. Tidal wash reduces from Stay onwards, but never completely goes. 8-8½

HUG254CD Newcastle 1973-01-07
Source: nicmac. Now I’m not pretending that this one’s up to the standards of Preston, or the “soundboard” version of Glasgow, but it’s cleaned up a treat and is very listenable throughout.  Perhaps it wasn’t the greatest kit ever that the taper used, but all in all, rather pleased with this one. Every version I've come across of this before has been a muffled throb - so I'm seeing it as quite a substantial upgrade.

I played this to a mate, who’s said he’d been trying all his life to get hold of a decent quality recording of this gig. So hope you like this one too. SQ: 7½/10

HUG255CD Press Conference 1990-01-23
Source: andref. A compilation of an audience recording of the press conference itself, and four radio reports from the following day.

The recording of the press conference itself is reasonably sound, say 9/10 quality. Inevitably you can’t hear all of the questions, but David is loud and clear. Simply cut into five minute segments.

The four radio clips are from Simon Bates’s and Mark Goodier’s Radio One shows, Capital Radio’s “The Way It Is”, and an unknown French broadcast. Some nice recordings of the songs David played in here.


FLAC: David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 28" - 14CD


HUG240CD Toulouse 1987-07-04
Source: arcorman; transfer: 100PCB. Decent quality sound throughout. The issue, however, is that there's a terrible shouter (either the taper, or the guy next to him) - on a par with Pimm Jal at first 1983 concert! SQ: 8-8½/10.

HUG241CD Tokyo 1983-10-24
Source: Sixer; transfer: 100PCB. Really good sound. Starts well (9/10), then really perks up during What In The World (9½ for the remainder). Believe it's a soundboard - lot of sonic detail, remote crowd, and very prominent kick drum. Star recording.

HUG242CD TIN MACHINE: Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart 1991-10-15
Source: arcorman. When it's quiet, it's lovely clean sound. When it's louder (which is most of the time), it's just a little fluffy at the edges. Sorry to say that the encores weren't on the source tape.  SQ: 8/10

HUG243CD Vancouver 1983-08-09
Source: arcorman. Volume a bit variable. Possible small speed wobbles on Cracked Actor and Ashes To Ashes. Quite intense sound, but listenable enough. 7½ possibly 8/10.

HUG244CD The Rainbow, London 1972-12-24
Source: M_B_F. Really excited about this one, as it appears to be a needledrop from the "rare limited edition acetate" listed by bassman. It's very good sound, only downside is that it’s a little lacking in sparkle. SQ: 7½/10. Cracking version of Rock’n’Roll Suicide.

HUG245CD Mark And Lard Interview 1995-09-19
Source: Source 2. This is a great interview. Promoting the Outside album, it's the usual knockabout stuff from Mark and Lard, with David really joining in with the northern humour. None of the old pretension and pomposity and some good insights as well. FM.

HUG246CD Chicago 1978-04-17
Sources: version 1: Noggin and Nicmac; version 2: Mike Jewell. Two different sources of this excellent concert. Version 1 starts well, with lovely deep sound - SQ 8½ pushing 9 on disc 1. Disc 2, however, still has the great deep sound, but rather a lot of sibilance on the esses and hi-hat which does detract. Nearer to 8/10.

Version 2 is quite straightforwardly great lush sound, difficult to find flaw at all - teeny bit of resistant hiss between Art Decade and Station To Station, but barely noticeable. 9/10.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here