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NEW: Tin Machine live in New York 1991 - 2CD - November 29

Tin Machine - New York, 1991-11-29

Academy Theatre, New York

Audience recording
Number of discs: 2
Artwork: included
Total running time: Disc 1: 44:52; Disc 2: 46:41

Track listing:

Disc 1

1. DJ intro
2. Crack City
3. You Belong In Rock And Roll
4. band introductions
5. A Big Hurt
6. Bus Stop
7. Stateside
8. Betty Wrong
9. Goodbye Mr Ed

Disc 2

1. Debaser
2. One Shot
3. I Can't Read
4. Under The God
5. Baby Universal
6. If There Is Something
7. Heaven's In Here
8. Sorry
9. Sacrifice Yourself

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NEW: Tin Machine live in Boston 1991 - 2CD - November 20 - soundboard

Tin Machine

David Bowie:  vocals, guitar, saxophone
Reeves Gabrels: guitar, vocals
Hunt Sales: drums, vocals
Tony Sales: bass, vocals
Eric Schemmerhorn: guitar

Orpheum Theater
Boston, Mass.
Nov. 20, 1991
(opening act was the Neighborhoods, they were not broadcasted.)

Soundboard recording

runtime: 95:07
1: stage introduction > bus stop  2:47
2: a big hurt  3:03
3: goodbye Mr. Ed  4:18
4: I can't read  6:35
5: stateside  8:47
6: under the god  4:15
7: Betty Wrong  10:33
8: sacrifice yourself  2:28
9: I've been waiting for you  3:27
10: you belong in rock 'n roll  5:44
11: baby universal  3:14
12: if there is something  3:37
13: heaven's in here  12:10
14: first encore break  :39
15: sorry  5:20
16: you can't talk  4:32
17: second encore break 2:26
18: one shot  4:36
19: crack city  5:16
20:  announcer closing credits  1:09

this post includes the entire show of Tin Machine in Boston.
the reel's only been played maybe 3 times through and held
up well. in the words of Carter Alan, the host DJ for this
regional broadcast, David Bowie and the band looked and sounded
like they were doing what they wanted to be doing, not trying to
make a hit record. that's when David Bowie is his best, when he's
not trying to fit a style or a label. the band sounds very tight
and rockin' and David sounds like he's really glad to be in Boston.
this was one of the best shows Boston saw/heard in 1991 and the crowd
reaction was very enthusiastic (so was the performance).

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NEW: Tin Machine live in Liverpool 1991 - 2CD - November 6

TIN MACHINE - Liverpool 1991-11-06

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool, England

Audience recording
Number of discs: 2
Artwork: included
Total running time: Disc 1: 43:32; Disc 2: 50:13

Track listing:

Disc 1

01 I've Been Waiting For You
02 Goodbye Mr Ed
03 Bus Stop
04 Under The God
05 A Big Hurt
06 Shopping For Girls
07 Stateside
08 I Can't Read
09 Baby Universal
10 Sacrifice Yourself

Disc 2

01 Betty Wrong
02 You Can't Talk
03 Go Now
04 Debaser
05 If There Is Something
06 Heaven's In Here
07 You Belong In Rock & Roll
08 Crack City

Fix notes:

Only issue was on first song, where the sound was massively oversaturated - completely thrashed.
Issue was worse on left channel, so right channel copied over to make it mono.  Ran track through iZotope RX declipper tool to restore peaks, and then matched volume on later part of song to keep it consistent.
It's now listenable, but a distance from perfect.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

NEW: David Bowie live in St. Paul 1997 - 2CD - October 18

David Bowie - 971018 - St Paul

From a bootleg called The man who sold the outside
JTB artwork included
Very good sound quality

02-Always chrashing in the same car
03-The supermen
04-Waiting for the man
05-I can't read
06-The jean genie
07-I'm afraid of americans
08-Look back in anger
09-Band Introductions - Seven years in Tibet
10-Panic in Detroit

01-Battle For Britain
02-The man who sold the world
04-Looking for satelittes
05-Heart's filty lesson
06-Under pressure
07-Hallo spaceboy
08-Scary monsters
09-Little wonder

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NEW: David Bowie live in New York 1997 - 2CD - October 13

David Bowie - 971013 - The Supper Club

Very good sound quality
JTB Artwork included

Disc One
01 Quicksand
02 Always Crashing In The Same Car
03 Waiting For The Man
04 I Can’t Read
05 Baby What You Want Me To Do
06 The Jean Genie
07 I’m Afraid Of Americans
08 Look Back In Anger
09 Band Introductions - Seven Years In Tibet
10 Fashion
11 Looking For Satellites
12 Battle For Britain (The Letter)
13 Under Pressure
14 Panic In Detroit
15 Hallo Spaceboy

Disc Two
01 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
02 Little Wonder
03 Fame
04 The Heart’s Filthy Lesson
05 Dead Man Walking
06 Moonage Daydream
07 White Light White Heat
08 O Superman
09 All The Young Dudes

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NEW: David Bowie live in Philadelphia 1997 - 2CD - October 4

David Bowie
Saturday, October 4, 1997
The Electric Factory
Philadelphia, PA

David Bowie - vocals + guitar + saxophone
Reeves Gabrels - guitar
Zachary Alford - drums
Gail Ann Dorsey - bass + bass synthesizer + vocals
Mike Garson - piano + keyboards

notes from the taper:

Philly 97   (2CDR)
The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA

Good sound. Security was real tight. Had my Sonic Studios mics under my shirt collar.  I was about 15ft in front of the speakers. Nonetheless, the sound came out sounding a bit muffled.  I did some EQ work on it to brighten it up so it turned out average for my taste.  This was a unique Earthling show, so that's why I made it.  There is some excess audience noise (screaming girls) for the 1st few songs, but then it settled down.  All in all,  it's not a bad CD. I have heard 'official factory CD' product that are worse.

Total Time 143:04

Disc One 72:27

db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_01 Queen Bitch  04:06
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_02 Waiting For The Man  04:28
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_03 The Jean Genie  06:35
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_04 The Last Thing You Should Do  05:28
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_05 I'm Afraid Of Americans  05:14
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_06 band intro  02:23
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_07 Seven Years In Tibet  06:20
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_08 Battle For Britain (The Letter)  04:36
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_09 The Man Who Sold The World  03:40
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_10 Fashion... stopped, then Outside  05:05
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_11 Fashion  03:52
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_12 Looking For Satellites  05:18
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_13 The Hearts Filthy Lesson  05:11
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_14 The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)  05:35
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_15 Under Pressure  04:18
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_16 AS END OF DISC  00:07

Disc Two 70:55

db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_15 AS BEGINNING OF DISC  00:07
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_16 Hallo Spaceboy  05:14
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_17 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)  05:28
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_18 Little Wonder  07:49
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_19 Quicksand  05:06
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_20 I Can't Read  05:54
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_21 Telling Lies  05:18
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_22 Fame  04:21
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_23 Dead Man Walking  04:22
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_24 Pallas Athena  08:03
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_25 White Light White Heat  04:05
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_26 O Superman  09:21
db_1997-10-04_dbdigital_27 Moonage Daydream  05:39

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NEW: David Bowie live in Boston 1997 - 2CD - October 1 - soundboard

David Bowie
Orpheum Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
October 1st 1997
Soundboard (webcast) recording - 138 minutes

Queen Bitch
Always Crashing In The Same Car
I'm Waiting For The Man
My Death
Driftin' Blues - The Jean Genie
Panic In Detroit
I'm Afraid Of Americans
The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction
Seven Years In Tibet
The Last Thing You Should Do
Strangers When We Meet
Looking For Satellites
Under Pressure
Telling Lies
Hallo Spaceboy
Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
Little Wonder
Battle For Britain (The Letter) - Time (instrumental)
V-2 Schneider
White Light White Heat
O Superman (For Massenet)
Moonage Daydream

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